Specialized Accounts

APCU offers a variety of specialized accounts to help you financially succeed. These accounts are designed to protect you and your loved ones after a life-changing event. We can ensure your property and other assets are properly handled if you become incapacitated or pass away.

Our financial experts are ready to help you set up the accounts you need. Call us at (800) 849-8431 or visit one of our branch locations to get started.

Estate Accounts

Estate accounts are designed to provide depository and payment services to decedent’s estates.

Documents required:

  • Account Application
  • Original Letter of Testamentary
  • The EIN Number
  • Certified Copy of the Death Certificate
  • Account Addendum (supplied by APCU)

Conservator/Guardian Accounts

Conservators and Guardianships are legal appointments made by a state court whereby an individual is given authority to act on the behalf of a minor or an incompetent adult (referred to as a “ward”).

Required Documents:

Revocable and Irrevocable Trust Accounts

A trust is a separate and distinct entity created by a person or persons for the purpose of holding certain assets for the benefit of identified persons. Establishing a trust can reduce paperwork and provide other benefits.

Required Documents

Other Specialized Accounts

Representative Payee Accounts

A representative payee is appointed by the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration to manage the funds for someone who cannot handle his or her own financial affairs.

Required Documents:

Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are legal documents that provide for delegation of authority from the principal to an agent.

Required Documents:

The Original or certified copy of the Power of Attorney documents will need to be mailed or dropped off at one of our branches. The Specialized Accounts Department will mail all other required documents after the Power of Attorney has been reviewed.

Other Accounts

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