Board of Directors

Don DeCinque - Board of Directors | Board Chairman

Don DeCinque retired as CEO of Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU). He began his career with APCU as a Teller in 1981. After serving in many different functions throughout the Credit Union, he was promoted to the Controller position in 1990.

In 1998, Mr. DeCinque was named APCU President and appointed to the Board of Directors. He was appointed to the President/CEO position in 2001 and continued to serve until he retired in August 2017. In January 2018, he was appointed to APCU Board Chairman and continues to serve in that capacity. Mr. DeCinque has been a member of a credit union for over 50 years and strongly believes in the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."

Mr. DeCinque is a graduate of Clayton State College with an Associate Degree in Business Administration and Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Mr. DeCinque and his wife, Lisa, have four children and four grandchildren.


Charles David Disharoon - Board of Directors | Board Secretary

Charles Disharoon started his postal career at the Gainesville, Georgia Post Office working as a distribution clerk. During the next several years, he attended night classes at the University of North Georgia, working on a degree in Business Administration.

Throughout his career, Mr. Disharoon worked in management roles across Georgia and North Carolina post offices, including Post Office Accountant, Postmaster, and eventually the Area Manager with responsibility for post offices in the zip code area 305/306.

Mr. Disharoon also served many years working in Ad HOC detail positions as Director of the Administrative Services Department and Facility Engineer.

Since retirement from the USPS, Mr. Disharoon and his son, Ryan, own and operate a successful Automotive Business. Mr. Disharoon and his wife, Regina, have four children and four grandchildren from 2 ½ to 10 years old whom they love spending time with when they're not traveling or collecting antiques and muscle cars.


Katherine Smith Brown - Board of Directors

Katherine Brown retired from the USPS after 31 years of service as the Manager of Personnel Services. She attended Spellman College and Georgia State University.

Mrs. Brown was appointed to APCU's Board of Directors in April 1993. She has served on the Credit Committee since January 1986 and currently serves as Chairman of the Credit Committee.


(Gary) Mike Cantrell - Board of Directors

Mike Cantrell retired in 2012 as a rural letter carrier after serving 25 years in the United States Postal Service. During Mr. Cantrell's postal career, he held several leadership positions for the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association (NRLCA).

In 2008, Mr. Cantrell was elected as the Georgia RLCA state Vice President and served as state President from 2009 - 2011. Mr. Cantrell continues to serve the NRLCA as a board member of the South Atlantic Conference (SAC). Mr. Cantrell works closely with the rural carriers and represents APCU at the state and national level rural carrier conventions.

After Mr. Cantrell retired from the postal service, he served his hometown in Gilmer County as a Magistrate Judge from 2015 - 2020. He was appointed to APCU's Board of Directors in September 2018.

Mike and his wife, Sara, reside in the beautiful city of Ellijay, Georgia.


Charles Head - President/CEO

Charles Head began his career with Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU) as a loan officer in 1989. He worked his way up to management, eventually becoming President/CEO of Atlanta Postal Credit Union in 2017. Mr. Head was appointed to APCU's Board of Directors in 2016 and continues to serve in that role. 

Mr. Head demonstrates his commitment to the credit union movement by serving as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Council of Postal Credit Unions, as an Advocacy Committee member for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions, and as a Board Member for Credit Union Loan Source - an entity established by credit unions to bring affordable financing to more consumers.

Mr. Head is a graduate of Troy State University in Alabama, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance. He and his wife Beverly, a retired educator, have resided in and around Atlanta throughout their entire lives. They currently live in Newnan, Georgia, and enjoy spending time with their two children and three grandchildren.


Sarah Vanessa Meek - Board of Directors

Vanessa Meek began her 30-year postal career as a Rural Carrier Substitute, delivering mail out of a 1977 Honda Civic and eventually retiring as Postmaster. Mrs. Meek was appointed to APCU's Board of Directors in July 2019. She has served on the Audit Committee since 2014 and is currently Co-chair.

In addition to Atlanta Postal Credit Union, she actively volunteers with the Adairsville Lions Club, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and The Grand Theater in Cartersville.

Mrs. Meek is honored to be involved with APCU, the Center Parc initiative, and Georgia State sponsorship. She believes new members that these endeavors bring will have the "Members First" experience that existing Atlanta Postal Credit Union members have enjoyed for decades.

Mrs. Meek received a BA in Economics/Finance and an MBA from Kennesaw State University. She is married to Larry, who is a retired City Letter Carrier.


James Thomas Middlebrooks - Board of Directors

J.T. Middlebrooks retired from the USPS after 31 years of service as the Field Director of Human Resources.

Mr. Middlebrooks was appointed to APCU's Board of Directors in February 2005. He has served on the Credit Committee for 31 years and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Credit Committee.


David G. (Jabo) Patterson - Board of Directors

David Patterson began his Postal Career in December 1972 as a substitute rural carrier in Jasper, Georgia. He served in many roles throughout his career with the USPS, including Clerk, Supervisor of Delivery & Collections, and Superintendent of Window Services. Mr. Patterson then served as Postmaster of Rydal, Talking Rock, Blue Ridge, and Ball Ground, Georgia. Later, he became Officer-In-Charge of eight other offices and the Area Manager of 68 offices and seven branches. He retired from the USPS in 2005, after 33 ½ years of service.

Mr. Patterson has been a member of APCU for 47 years. He has served on the Audit Team since 2008 and the Board of Directors since 2013. Mr. Patterson believes serving as an APCU Volunteer is an honor. He is amazed at the staff's commitment to serving the credit union members and their financial needs.

Mr. Patterson is married to his wife of 50 years, Joy. They have one son and three grandchildren who bring them much happiness. He is a member of Cross Roads Baptist Church. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. He serves as President of the Appalachian Saddle Club of Jasper, GA.


Timothy Payne - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Timothy Payne to APCU’s Board as of May 18, 2021, fulfilling the unexpired term of Mr. Thad (Bud) Wilkinson. Mr. Payne has served on the APCU Credit Committee since June 2014. He began his career in 1979 as a USPS City Carrier in Conyers, GA. In 2012, he retired from the Conyers, GA post office as a Postmaster.

Mr. Payne is also involved with the United Postmaster and Managers of America (UPMA) organization. We appreciate the knowledge and experience he brings to the credit union and look forward to his service as an APCU director volunteer.

Royce Jackson - Director Emeritus

Royce Jackson was appointed as a member of the APCU Board of Directors in 2003. He later took on the responsibilities as Secretary of the Board in 2005.

After 15 years of exemplary service, Mr. Jackson stepped down from his role on APCU's Board of Directors. We are pleased Mr. Jackson will continue to provide support to the Board of Directors as Director Emeritus.


H. Preston Mulkey - Director Emeritus

H. Preston Mulkey began his volunteer service to APCU as a member of the Supervisory Committee in 1989. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2000 and was Supervisory Committee Chairman from 2006 to 2014.

After 30 years of service, Mr. Mulkey stepped down from his role on APCU's Board of Directors. We are pleased Mr. Mulkey will continue to provide support to the Board of Directors as Director Emeritus.


Moses M. Spence - Director Emeritus

Moses M. Spence worked for the United States Postal Service for eight years prior to beginning his career at APCU in September of 1966. He worked his way up from sorting mail in the APCU mailroom to Teller, Loan Officer, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, and General Manager before becoming President/CEO.

Mr. Spence retired from his role as APCU President/CEO in January 2001 and was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he served until January 2018. Mr. Spence remains as an advisory board member - Director Emeritus.

Mr. Spence's contributions, both professionally and as a volunteer, have been essential to APCU's success and the entire credit union movement. We are sincerely grateful for his 40 years of dedicated service. Beyond his many career accomplishments, he is known for his extreme kindness and his adoration of his wife, Norma, and his lifelong love of cats, especially Sam.

Board of Directors