History of Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU)

Atlanta Postal Credit Union, chartered in 1925, is Georgia's oldest credit union. APCU is among the largest credit unions in the nation.

Our founders, whose primary goal was to provide affordable financial services to fellow employees and their families, founded APCU. Like thousands of other credit unions around the world, APCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, founded on the premise that working people need a safe and sound place to save and borrow money. Our guiding principles are unique: only people who are credit union members can borrow here, loans should be for prudent and productive purposes, and a person's character and desire to repay a loan are considered as important as a person's income.

From an initial investment of $2,404 in 1925, APCU's assets have grown to over $2 billion and membership is now in excess of 100,000 members. Members nationwide enjoy a full complement of financial products and services designed to save them money.

All this is what makes the credit union so different from other financial institutions—the commitment to meeting the needs of our members. APCU brings members together to improve their way of life. Quite simply, we are people helping people.